The wish journey

The wish

In order for a wish to be granted, it goes through 4 steps, each building on the next until the wish finally comes true.

Step 1: Referral Process

The initial step involves gathering referrals from medical experts, parents, and the children themselves. Children aged between 2 1/2 and 18 years old, who haven’t previously received a wish from another wish-granting organization, might qualify for a wish.

Step 2: Medical Assessment for Eligibility

The child’s medical eligibility is determined through collaboration with the treating physician. The child must have a diagnosed life-threatening medical condition – specifically, a condition that is progressive, degenerative, or malignant, and poses a threat to the child’s life.

Step 3: Discovering the Genuine Wish

Our enthusiastic wish teams are dispatched to uncover the child’s heartfelt wish. Dedicated volunteers engage with wishful children to delve into their imaginative desires, seeking the perfect experience that will bring them delight and inspiration.

Step 4: Crafting Moments of Joy

Our wish granters curate an unforgettable experience guided by the child’s own creativity. This extraordinary undertaking not only enhances the lives of the children and their families but often has a positive impact on the entire community.